The Global Campaignfor Equalityin Family Law(GCEFL)believesin thepowerof collectiveaction.


Join the GCEFL

We bring together like-minded advocates and allies from around the world, to build a global voice demanding equal rights for women and girls in all matters relating to the family

By joining GCEFL as a member, you will:

  • Make equality in family law, policy, and practice a global priority by 2030.
  • Strengthen solidarity and collaborative action within and across regional networks and campaigns.
  • Support and amplify national level efforts to reform family law.

Membership Collaboration Opportunities

Members of GCEFL can expect the following benefits and opportunities:

Involvement in global & regional advocacy

GCEFL members will be part of global and regional advocacy targeting key government missions at the UN and national governments. This will include mobilising relevant governments to undertake reforms and make pledges leading to, and at, the UNGA Beijing +30 event in September 2025.

Members will have the chance to participate in and share information about events at various inter-governmental fora, have the opportunity to be a part of regional and global convenings, and be co-sponsors of joint statements and events.

Benefit from national level amplification

Through advocacy initiatives, members will engage in campaigns and networking events that encourage governments to reform discriminatory family laws and commit to making time-bound pledges leading to and during the Beijing +30 event.

They can provide inputs on priority countries and, subject to funding, may receive support for strategic campaign activities such as advocacy training for local civil society, and related research components.

Share thought leadership & expertise

Members can share expertise and give advice and inputs on national, regional or international processes.

They can help to identify countries and ambassadors (religious and customary communities), who have recently reformed their family laws to remove gender discrimination and could be regional and/or international ‘champions’, encouraging other countries to follow suit.

Access information & resources

Members will have access to:
– Information about events relevant to push for the reform of discriminatory family laws on a global, regional, and national level.
– Policies and practices – including briefings, advocacy meetings, and workshops.
– Research and resources to support national groups in developing national advocacy strategies and preparatory lobbying for the Beijing +30 pledging event and for the global advocacy campaign.

Become a member of GCEFL

Membership to GCEFL is open to community, national, regional, or global organisations and groups (registered or otherwise) who agree and align with our objectives over the course of the campaign.

Criteria for becoming a GCEFL member:

  • Your organisation or group must be working on family law-related issues or intersecting women’s rights issues. 
  • Your organisation or group must have a shared commitment to human rights and feminist movement building.
  • The values of your organisation or group must align with those of GCEFL as being an intersectional, diverse, and inclusive campaign, which bases its advocacy on the lived realities of women and girls, the recognition of the family in all its diverse forms, and human rights principles. 
  • Your organisation or group must demonstrate a willingness to:
    • Advocate – actively engage in GCEFL initiatives and joint actions, including at national, regional or global levels.
    • Participate – actively participating in joint actions in a consistent and quality manner.
    • Connect – support the expansion of the campaign’s mandate by connecting, and if possible referring, suitable actors to get involved with GCEFL.